About The Review Show Podcast

On the Review Show, we’ll review ANYTHING. Whether it’s your child’s 5th birthday party, or the opening of a west end musical, invite us along to cast our critical eye over proceedings.


We’re Jonny and Corinne, former co-presenters, former drama teacher and drama pupil and former members of the North East’s gliterati (allegedly). Jonny is a market leading commercial radio presenter and creative services business owner and Corinne is the artistic director of an award winning theatre company. On paper, we probably shouldn’t be friends. Some people would be forgiven for thinking we’re part of the new series of ‘Age Gap Lovers’. We can categorically confirm however, we’re just mates. Two, judgmental, unlikely mates, thrown together by the power of radio (and a requirement to have someone with a DBS check to supervise a then 16 year old Jonny at the radio station). It’s almost poetic.


We’ve been quietly reviewing things (read: throwing shade) for years, from an am-dram production of Les Mis (described by Jonny as ‘having a salmon full of misery slapped over your face relentlessly for 3 hours’) to a ‘couple’s only’ New Year’s meal (despite not being a couple – see above). The lamb was delightful btw.


Born out of our first ever radio show on community radio way back in 2010 well before Theresa May decided to showcase her Dancing Queen routine to the world, The Review Show in its original form discussed and reviewed primarily theatre events in the North East.  The Review Show podcast however goes beyond the auditoriums of the North East on a quest to review anything and everything. From looking back at news and events, to discussing lack of ill-fitting BHS school blazers in Netflix’s Sex Education, the show will lightheartedly review the big and little things in everyone’s life with our trademark quirky outlook on life.


Listeners are encouraged to drag us along to the things that matter to them, no bar mitzvah, house warming or grand opening of a Tesco Extra is off limits. In a world of #spon #ad influencers, youtubers and bloggers selling their souls to promote himalayan goat poop mascara or a ‘revolutionary’ water bottle that can hold both hot and cold liquids like it’s the invention to cure all of humanity’s woes, we think it’s about time, some good honest opinion is injected into the mix.


Each episode will feature an in depth main review, as well as a series of quick fire thoughts, quips and opinions brought to the table by the hosts and the listeners. Ours and the listener’s dating app dramas come under scrutiny in semi-regular feature ‘Judge Tinder’  and ridiculous reviews from all corners of the internet are placed in the spotlight, like ‘that guy who gave a steakhouse 1 star on Tripadvisor for serving his medium rare steak with pink in the middle’.


At its heart, the podcast aims to highlight the beauty in the everyday, because every event, experience or endeavour no matter how big or small deserves to have its praises (and it’s faults) sung. So, where are we off to next?

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A huge thank you to these lovely people who have helped make The Review Show Podcast possible.